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Get Involved in GardenAfrica

How you can support the work of GardenAfrica
Help us to change lives in sub-Saharan Africa. From a quick donation to organising your own events you can make a big difference to our work.
GardenAfrica works with communities to help them find solutions that suit their needs. Our team and partners work hard to ensure that we are best placed to train people to manage locally available, natural resources.
To achieve this we rely on:

  • Our small UK team that ensures approximately 95% of all donations goes to those who need it most
  • Our specialist team of advisors in ecology, education, nutrition and plant sciences who optimise our approach
  • Skilled local trainers who use their specific knowledge of indigenous plants and their diverse uses
  • The commitment of those we train, driving them on to share their newfound skills with others.
  • YOU – without whom none of this would be possible.
We need your support to help us train volunteers within the most vulnerable communities to grow their own food and pass on their skills to others and to give them the best chance for a sustainable and healthy future.

Join us today in supporting your fellow gardeners.

Help as an Individual

Please help us to support people in sub-Saharan Africa, enabling them to feed and support their families, and train others in their community. There are any number of simple ways you can help GardenAfrica to achieve more. See how you can help as an Individual.

How Your Company Can Get Involved

From sponsoring a garden to holding a fundraising event, there are many ways in which companies can support GardenAfrica and bring genuine and lasting benefits to both. GardenAfrica have a number of key contacts which will assist in raising public perception and a cause that will motivate and inspire employees. More on Company Giving.

Involve Your School in Our Work

We would love to hear from you to see where we can help each other. More on how you can Help as a School.

Charitable Trusts and Foundations

We rely upon funding from Trusts and Foundation s and Statutory Sources to get our projects off the ground and make them successful, so they can benefit as many people as possible. If our work fits in with your funding priorities and you are interested in finding out more with a view to funding some of our project work, find out more here

Get Your Garden Centre Involved

Discuss the possibility of hosting a GardenAfrica weekend, with a percentage of profits going to a GardenAfrica nursery in Southern Africa. Click here to find out more.

Support Our Work
Each GardenAfrica garden provides a practical resource from which to encourage similar initiatives. By training local people, the techniques demonstrated can be promoted throughout the community, greatly increasing the long-term impact of each project. A training garden project in KwaZulu Natal, monitored over many years, showed that over 250 families began cultivating their own plots of land after attending workshops, and a further 400 gardens were established in the area using the same techniques. Community health was improved, with diseases relating to malnutrition greatly reduced.

An average budget of £10,000 covers all infrastructure costs, including land preparation, fencing and irrigation; construction and equipping of commercial nursery facilities - from propagation to market; provision of tools, shade netting, secure storage and utility areas. The budget also covers all training and workshop costs for the first year: with two key trainers based at each garden providing on-site training, offering advice in sustainable cultivation, food processing and income generation. Each garden can provide training to approximately 2,500 people a year.

During the next five years GardenAfrica programmes aim to have been instrumental in the creation of more than 500,000 new family gardens, positively affecting the health and welfare of at least 3,000,0000 people.

An investment in a GardenAfrica project guarantees real sustainable growth. Net gain may be calculated in terms of lives saved, improved and empowered, and in terms of land returned to utility and biodiversity protected.

If our work fits in with your funding priorities and you are interested in finding out more, please contact George at, or telephone 01435 882475, who will be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

The Support You Can Expect from GardenAfrica

  • Organising the event from beginning to end, being there on the weekend to coordinate all the activities, support sales staff and talk to customers about the work of GardenAfrica. Supply posters, leaflets, banners, balloons, small gifts for sale. Supervise the talks, free prize draw and the presentation of the prizes for the children's painting competition.
  • Contact local press, radio, TV, sympathetic local 'celebrities', appropriate city officials, local groups such as horticultural societies, churches, other gardening, schools and colleges to publicise the event and solicit support and participation. Leafleting door to door if time permits.
  • Contact complementary retailers/suppliers such as garden equipment manufacturers/ seed producers, organic box schemes, farmers markets and organic shops to provide support, publicity and prizes for the free prize draw and children's painting competition.
  • Organise events during the weekend such as African Drummers, a talk by a leading herbalist, on using common herbs for treating minor ailments (with advice chart and perhaps a discount offered on the herbs mentioned), a talk or demonstration given by one of your staff on a suitable subject such as drought resistant plants or how to conserve water in the garden (with suitable incentives to buy relevant products).
  • Liaise with centre café (if relevant) to provide recipes for topically-inspired cakes and fruit drinks.
  • Organise a children's painting competition with local schools to depict an African vegetable and herb garden based on the Chelsea Flower Show model on the GardenAfrica website. Display the 10 or so finalists at the weekend. Judges could be local members of societies / media, or similar, a GardenAfrica representative, your own garden centre, and a local botanical or landscape artist.
  • Arrange for a press photo call on the weekend for the opening or to cover a particular event such as awarding the prize to the winner of the painting competition.
Please email us on or ring us on 01435 882475 for more information, advice or to help.


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