Practical gifts for Fellow Gardeners in Southern Africa

**Please note: if you're having any trouble with online payments for these Gifts for Good, or if you prefer to not do transactions via the web, then please contact GardenAfrica on 01435 882 475 or via email or post.**

Start-up Companion Packs

An image of some flowersAs part of recuperation, two people discharged from hospital will receive your starter pack to plant in their home garden, with advice from the GardenAfrica trainers at the hospital garden.
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Basic Tool Kit  

An image of a basic tool kitThis gift includes small but vital items that many take for granted – a watering can, pick, spade and fork for a gardener.
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An image of a bee hiveBees are essential for pollination, they make honey and they greatly increase the productivity of a garden. A simple hive, costing £10 to build, produces three harvests per year, with a possible 30 jars of honey per harvest. The wax is anti-bacterial and therefore provides an excellent base for creams and ointments for health and income.
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Chicken Tractor  
An image of a chicken tractorIn this moveable enclosure, the size of a vegetable bed, chickens scratch and fertilise the hard, sun baked earth in preparation for planting, whilst their eggs and meat provide protein and nutrients for a balanced diet. This gift includes one Chicken Tractor and two Hens.
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A Companion Starter Pack  

With this gift, you are providing trainees with the basic tools to cultivate their own home garden. This pack contains a Basic Tool Kit, seeds, seedlings, medicinal plants, plants to condition the soil and attract pollinators, and trees.
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100 sq m Home Garden  

An image of 100 sq m Home GardenA home garden of 100 sq m can feed a family of five (two adults + three children) for 12 months of every year. By giving this gift, you are providing one family with vegetable seedlings, 40 herbs, three trees (fruit/soil conditioning barrier) and seeds (50/50 veg/herbs).
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School Water Harvesting Kit  

An image of a school water harvesting kitFor those in rural areas with no access to piped water, harvesting and re-using rain water is the only way of irrigating gardens which supply children with their only meal of the day - to aid concentration and learning. For a school of up to 400 children, eight tanks would be required to support health and nutritional development. This gift is of one 5,000 litre tank complete with tap and guttering for one school building.
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Productive Nursery  

An image of a productive nurseryThis massively valuable gift to an African community, will train and support two nursery men or women to develop a productive nursery to supply plants and advice for up to 250 other people in their own community.
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